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how to Git the GitHub ?


type of source code management?

local repo

remote repo

architecture of scm?

distributed  architecture ( all users will have a local repo in their local pc  and one as centrala  repo othe n cloud (github,GitLab, bitbucket )

how to install git in Linux ?

redhat/cent os /aws linx

yum install git -y

ubuntu :

apt-get install git -y

how to configure the git profile?

git config --global "coss"

git config --global "[email protected]"

how to create a git repository for a regular folder ?

git init <--

it will create .git folder to track create/modify activity in the folder

stages of git repo ?

3 stages 

working area

stage area

local repository DB

Git Status Terminology :

untrack files : ( working area)

to be committed (  staging area )

how to check stages?

git status 

how to add files from wthe orking area to staging area?

git add  . or git add file1

how to commit (save) to git repo db ?

git commit -m "first"

how to check git repo commits and who did,when ?

git  log <--

how to check commits files in the repo ?

git show commit-id<--

create repository in git hub  

login to GitHub , create a repository , give  name " go-pro1" select public  , create 

how to add the github repository urlURL into local git ? 

(on local git)

git remote add variable-name

how to push the latest version local db git commits to the GitHub repo "go-pro1"

git push -u origin master <--

how to see the remote repository URL url added to git?

git remote -v  <--

how to delete the remote repository URL from git?

git remote rm origin

why tag?

friendly name for commit id 

how assign a tag to commit -d ?

git tag -a login  -m "login page" commit-id

syntax : git -d tagname , Example : git -d login <--

what revert in git ? 

to undo from commit

git revert commit-id <--

is it possible to restore or undo the stage?


git restore --staged file 

is it possible to undo a commit 

git revert last-commit-id 

  give message for commit "sorry" :wq

what is fork in github ?

its a like clone from other github to my hub acccount but not git 

what pull ?

pull latest contents from remote do update into wd and commit

git pull url 

what is clone ?

git clone remote url 

it will copy exact all remote repository to local new repo with the same name 

what is branch ?

seperate workspace to perform seperate task for each feature or practice 



        home page -- commit 

            login  --- commit 

               patch -- commit 

how to create branch?

git branch bname

git branch<== to check list

git checkout bname <-- switch to another branch

note: when u create branch from master , it will create with all contents/commit of master

how to delete a branch?

git branch -d bname <--

how to merge one branch to another branch?

master : git merge login

how to create regular common commands as scripts to execute all at a time?


git add .

git commit -m "message"

git push -u origin master 




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