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AquaSec Container Security Solution ( DevSecOps ) - A quickView

  What is AquaSec?      The Aqua Platform is the leading Cloud Native Application Protection Platform (CNAPP) and provides prevention, detection, and response automation across the entire application lifecycle to secure the supply chain, secure cloud infrastructure, and secure running workloads wherever they are deployed.    Solutions : Cloud Native Security Platform CSPM Cloud Security Container Security Kubernetes Security Serverless Security Cloud VM Security Dynamic Threat Analysis (DTA) Container Vulnerability Scanning Aquasec offers a 14days trial to learn the container security / Automated DevSecOps. Use this link to get free trail  Sign In | Aqua (   How to start with AquaSec? Once login into the portal click the nine dots in the left-side top > Aqua Hub  Then click the "Integrations" The Integration page has a lot of options to connect your container Platform Choosing your platform provides the required key to integrate. (follow the OEM documents ) The

how to Git the GitHub ?

  type of source code management? local repo remote repo architecture of scm? distributed  architecture ( all users will have a local repo in their local pc  and one as centrala  repo othe n cloud (github,GitLab, bitbucket ) how to install git in Linux ? redhat/cent os /aws linx yum install git -y ubuntu : apt-get install git -y how to configure the git profile? git config --global "coss" git config --global "[email protected]" how to create a git repository for a regular folder ? git init <-- it will create .git folder to track create/modify activity in the folder stages of git repo ? 3 stages  working area stage area local repository DB Git Status Terminology : untrack files : ( working area) to be committed (  staging area ) how to check stages? git status  how to add files from wthe orking area to staging area? git add  . or git add file1 how to commit (save) to git repo db ? git commit -m "first" how to check git repo commits and