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Unzip compressed files using python codes

  Since my office blocked my admin privileges to install multiple software. By this Friday I did not get any support from the Desktop team to install the 7zip software and its urgent work.  Suddenly I got an idea, "Why can't use my Python"?  he he he......... Installed on my PC! So, immediately enter into StackOverflow, searched "how to unzip using python" and got the precious codes that I pasted below. Yup ! finally unzipped the P1r@ted study document, and kept it inside my "STUDY MATERIAL" folder as a hidden file. # importing the "compressed file" module import tarfile # open file file ='studymaterial.tar') # uncompress file file.extractall('./folderpath') file.close()

FortiGate Firewall Troubleshooting - Internet Not Working (Basic)

   In this article, we going to share the KB about How to kill the issues when you managing Fortigate Firewall from our real-time experience. Troubleshooting based on firmware version  FortiOS 6 + INTERNET NOT WORKING     1)  Check the routing table in Fortigate ISP route is updated or not.      In GUI   goto  Monitor > Routing Table >  and check WAN’s static-route is available or not.                       If it is available, check IPv4 policy available for  LAN to WAN flow with NAT enabled.         If the static route is not available mean cross verify your routes written under  NETWORK > STATIC ROUTE.    if route also correct do source ping from WAN interface IP.( run the below-mentioned command as per the example) Ex:  WAN Interface IP: | ISP Gateway IP       #  execute ping-option source                  /WAN Interface IP/ # execute ping                                          /ISP Gateway IP/     During the

How to access malicious link in an enterprise environment

 I am writing the techniques based on my experience. In this globe right now below mentioned two techniques used to block the advance malicious links. SSL INSPECTION DNS sinkhole Use UDP connection SSL INSPECTION SSL inspection is a technique to decrypt all SSL/TLS connections in the perimeter device (Firewall, Web Security Device) and matching the inside web content like HTTP headers, HTML codes with the existing malware database. How to check environment using SSL INSPCTION ? load, then click the lock icon at the top left side of the URL bar. 2. In the SSL Certificate the organization name mentioned as  “ISSUED BY” , you can ensure that SSL Inspection enabled in Firewall/WebSecurity devices. If not, you are free to use an HTTPS connection with your Malicious link. you would not get the block. DNS sinkhole Still the malicious link is blocking by firewall check the system DNS . If system DNS using local IP address/ In house DNS server, replace with Global DNS servers

Open-source and free CyberSecurity tools for enterprises environment

Hello Everyone, in this article I am sharing some valuable open-source and free cybersecurity tools to use in an enterprise environment. Some tools required a license to activate advanced features. Most of the tools I personally implemented and used in medium-level business infrastructure. Which tools required Linux and little programming knowledge to handle and maintain. Because sometimes tools will get crash due to some open/known bugs. PfSense Firewall The pfSense project is a free network firewall distribution, based on the FreeBSD operating system with a custom kernel and including third-party free software packages for additional functionality. pfSense software, with the help of the package system, can provide the same functionality or more as common commercial firewalls, without any of the artificial limitations. It has successfully replaced every big-name commercial firewall you can imagine in numerous installations around the world, including Check Point, Cisco PIX, Cisco ASA,

Bypass USB port block and transfer the files

If in your office USB port is blocked from file transfer, even you can transfer the files to another computer on the same network. Add the below Plugin/extension to your edge of Chrome Browser.  You are required to authenticate via a Gmail account while downloading the extension. If,, and are blocked in your organization try to log in via Once added open it  by load this URL chrome://apps/   Now choose the folder that contains the files. and configure the app as per the image given below. "TURN OFF"  then "TURN ON"  server once. Then share and load the IP addresses (last one is my LAN IP , run the ipconfig command in CMD to find the right IP address) mentioned in the image on your friend's laptop. you will the magic. Do not use .

How DNS Work ? What is Root, Authoritative andRecursive DNS servers ?

  This article is only for Beginners – A basic guide What is DNS? Being a human we can not memorize billions of IP addresses ( ex: ). So, to make it simple DNS was introduced. DNS converts a name ( ) to a number ( ). DNS has a big computerized register to maintain DNS records for each server. The Domain name service work on port 53/UDP. The latest technologies DNS over HTTPS (DOH) work on port443/TCP and DNS over TLS (DOT) works on port 853/TCP There are four types of DNS available on the Earth, Root Server Top Level Domain (TLD) server  Authoritative  DNS Recursive DNS  Authoritative  Vs  Recursive Which Domain Name server, I am storing and maintaining my own and original DNS record for my website is called the  Authoritative Name server . The  Recursive DNS Server , Which doses not aware of my website DNS record, Sends DNS queries and cached them for some time. A  Recursive  server configures with 13 Root servers to find the right author