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Telegram Scraper - a python tool to reckoning Telegram group member Details

       The TeleGram-Scraper tool developed in python used to fetch all information about group members. This working on Telegram API. Follow the below procedures to install the tool. Telegram API Setup Go to and log in Click on API development tools and fill in the required fields. put app name you want & select other in platform Example : copy "api_id" & "api_hash" after clicking create an app ( will be used in ) How To Install and Use $ pkg install -y git python $ git clone $ cd TeleGram-Scraper Application dependencies $ python3 -i setup configuration file ( apiID, apiHASH ) $ python3 -c To Generate User Data (You will get OTP on Telegram) $ python3 (  members.csv is the default if you changed the name to use it ) Send Bulk SMS To Collected Data $ python3 members.csv Update Tool $ python3 -u ISSUES on Installation : Mostly y

IP Obfuscation - A simple method to convert IP address into int ,Hex or Octal form

  What is IP  Obfuscation?      Which is a method to hide or convert a doted format IP address (e.g.  into an Integer or Hexadecimal value or Octal form by using some mathematical formula. It's a kind of method to spoof the human eyes and web-security services. dot format to Decimal Conversion 👉  [] to translate  (172 x256 3 )+(67x256 2 )+(129x256 1 )+(3x256 0 ) =  2890105091 Now you can use https://2890105091 to access  This is one of the ways to do IP  Obfuscation.  The tool ' Cuteit ' A simple python tool to help you to social engineer, bypass whitelisting firewalls, potentially break regex rules for command-line logging looking for IP addresses and obfuscate cleartext strings to C2 locations within the payload. HOW TO USE CUTEIT ? Download & Install Cuteit from the below link  git : git clone Direct link: