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How to install and run Ansible

       In this article simply explained how to install ansible in an easy way. Ansible can only run on the Linux platform. Which is not available for windows 10 but you can install on Windows's WSL for practicing. Link:   What is Ansible? Prerequisite for Ansible Linux Operating System Python 3.x.x  Run the below codes to install the global  version of Ansible Gnome Terminal [anand@linux-pc ~]:$ sudo python [anand@linux-pc ~]:$ sudo python -m pip install ansible If you have Python 2.x and Python 3.x both versions try the below commands avoid misconfiguration Gnome Terminal [anand@linux-pc ~]:$ sudo python3 [anand@linux-pc ~]:$ sudo python3 -m pip install ansible Once Ansible successfully installed r

What is my IP Address - using script to Display public IP address and Geo-location

  Below given codes will display the Public IP address of the site visitor or who wants to know the public IP of them.  Here I am using ipapi 's free API plan to grab the IP address and further information on Geolocation. Download Script Once you input this code below output you able to see on the webpage. We can add multiple elements by Filtering the original output of how I did in the above script.  Modify the Attributes by following the below section of code. // Setting text of element P with id ipp  $("# ipp ").html(data. ip ); $("# ipversion ").html(data. version );  $("# ccity ").html(data. city );  $("# cregion ").html(data. region );  $("# country ").html(data. country_name );  })  </script>  <center>   <h1><b><p id=" ipp " ></p></b></h1>   <h4>IP Version:<p id="ipversion" ></p></h4> &l