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What is Ansible ?

  What is Ansible? Ansible is an Open-Source Automation tool used to automate your day-to-day copy-Cat works like checking Device status, logs, converting files & extract the data, patching servers,  Security Auditing and much more you can do with this. It is an Agent-less automation anyone can use. No need to install any kind of software on the scoped machines     Ansible loves Linux and has a crush on Python . that why Ansible Engine/Tower only runs on the Linux Operating system and builds on Python ( both 2.7 and 3. better to go with Python 3). Which have the capability to command all the IT Products available in the globe. with 1800+ pre-build modules and other Third-party modules available in the market. Here YAML using as a scripting language. Ansible belongs to RED HAT. Ansible Golden triange - Ansible Engine  Used to run a simple Playbook (config) and Ad-Hoc command. license not required. - Ansible Tower   Used for Enterprise level Automation. Available with GUI, Running on

Unknown facts about FAU-G game and nCore gamming

  What is FAU-G ? FAU-G its an PUBG kind of fighting game Developing by Bangalore-based Indian start-up company called Ncore-Games.  To do so, it has a two-pronged strategy, says Dayanidhi MG, CEO of nCore Games. “First, we are developing multiplayer games, set to be released next year, with immersive storylines having a strong connection with Indian ethos. Second, we contextualize and publish games from top global studios for the Indian market.” Who is Ncore-Game? It’s a Gaming publisher company founded by “Vishal Gondal” in 2019. They started this company with the Primary Goal of developing a Mobile game for targeting Indian PUBG gamers. The company CEO is “Dhayanithi MG”.Ncore development partner of Vainglory Games and the famous Angry bird publisher Rovio. Vishal Gonda He is the Founder and CEO of smart Watch brand GOQii. One if the notable person in the start-up world. He previously had one Gaming company and sold to Disney for $100Million at 2012 and has a good friendship with Mi