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Create Simple Chat-Bot for Facebook in 3 minutes

To create a Simple Chat-Bot coding knowledge not required. Follow the below steps to create your personal chatBot for your business . 1) Goto and register your free account and do login. 2) Click the "Bot icon" from the left side menu bar. 3) Chose the dedicated Bot template from HubType by clicking the right side down menu. 4)  Now a pop will appear in your screen, there create your new Bot name and chose your template.   for testing purpose, I have chosen the  "Hello World" template. then click "Create" 5) Bot script editor and emulator page will load into your browser automatically. there you can customize the Bot script.  Then click the "PUBLISH" button which located in bottom of the editor. INTEGRATE CHAT-BOT WITH FB MESSENGER    6) Now click the "INTEGRATIONS" button from the top menu bar. Then you can able to see FB, Telegram, Whatsapp icons.   Click messenger icon and login  into your Facebook account ( yo

FortiGate Firewall Troubleshooting - Internet Not Working (Basic)

In this article, we going to share the KB about How to kill the issues when you managing Fortigate Firewall from our real-time experience. Troubleshooting based on firmware version FortiOS 5.4 + INTERNET NOT WORKING     1) Check the routing table in Fortigate ISP route is updated or not.      In GUI   goto Monitor > Routing Table > and check WAN's static-route is available or not.                       If it is available, check IPv4 policy available for  LAN to WAN flow with NAT enabled. If the static route is not available mean cross verify your routes written under  NETWORK > STATIC ROUTE.  if route also correct do source ping from WAN interface IP.( run the below-mentioned command as per the example) Ex: WAN Interface IP: | ISP Gateway IP  # execute ping-option source                 /WAN Interface IP/ # execute ping                                         /ISP Gateway IP/ During the test, if you got th

DNS exploitation and Information gathering Tools

DNS is a naming system for computers that converts human readable domain names e.g. ( into computer readable IP-addresses. However some security vulnerabilities exist due to misconfigured DNS nameservers that can lead to information disclosure about the domain. This forms an important step of the Information Gathering stage during a Penetration test or Vulnerability assessment. On internet there are multiple DNS exploitation and Information gathering tools available to use in that we showing three tools from our experience. DNSENUM  Multithreaded perl script to enumerate DNS information of a domain and to discover non-contiguous IP blocks. Operations Get the host’s addresse (A record). Get the namservers (threaded). Get the MX record (threaded). Perform axfr queries on nameservers and get BIND VERSION (threaded). Get extra names and subdomains via google scraping (google query = “allinurl: -www site:domain”). Brute force subdomains from file, can also perform recur

Social Fish - Ultimate phishing Attack tool [Education Content]

caution : This tutorial only to educate and spread the cyber security knowledge not for illegal activities.  SocialFish is a phishing attack tool. From my experience is working very good and able to Phish  an y users who available on Internet. The tool written in python2.7. The tool Working with NGROK (a reverse proxy solution) to expose your phishing sever to outside of the world without leaking of the server's Original IP GIT LINK : INSTALL git clone https :// github . com / UndeadSec / SocialFish . git cd SocialFish sudo pip install -r requirements.txt python HOW TO USE : Once you executed the tool by this command  python Just follow the tool menu and choice the site which going to use for fishing (FB, Instagram ,Twitter, WordPress, Stack Overflow  etc). Now SocialFish will generate the phishing link . Share the link with your target and wait until fish catch hook. If once victim accessed and provided the cred

KARMA - Search for leaked Emails and Passwords

Hi Everyone, In this article we going to introduce the tool is KARMA.Its used to collect pwned Email address and passwords from pwndb. The tool is written in python3. So, you must need Python3 inside your machine . INSTALL sudo apt install tor python3 python3-pip git clone https :// github . com / decoxviii / karma . git ; cd karma sudo -H pip3 install -r requirements.txt python3 bin/ --help TEST All the tests were done in  Debian/Ubuntu . Search emails with the password:  123456789 python3 bin/ search '123456789' --password -o test1 Search emails with the local-part:  johndoe python3 bin/ search 'johndoe' --local-part -o test2 Search emails with the domain:  hotmail . com python3 bin/ search ' hotmail . com ' --domain -o test3 Search email password:  [email protected] python3 bin/ target '[email protected]' -o test4 DEMO VIDEO